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Post-traumatic adaptation method

Abstract: The deferred consequences of trauma include painful, uncontrollable psychological reactions to various traumatic triggers. This article demonstrates how such reactions may lead to negative self-esteem and impair the victims’ mental state. A method is presented by which post-traumatic adaptation can be achieved: construct an adequate conceptual framework about the functioning of the human psyche…

The Key for Power

He stands in front of me one moment – handsome, powerful and vigorous – the next moment he shifts into a guilty creature. Instantly! Where is this guilt coming from? When a moment before there was no guilt!   This guilt is a barrier between his adult power and his daily existence. Why has this…

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Half year without school, would it be any good?

Olga Podolska as psychologist consultant in the official TV plot by Russian “Voice of America”. Psychologists says that half year without school doesn’t hurt, actually it can be useful.

How not to be guilty?

Manual “How not to be guilty”