Professional Memberships and Educations

  • Member of Alternative Therapy Association (USA)
  • Full member of the Professional Psychotherapy League (Moscow, Russia)
  • Certified Leadership Coach, Deep Democracy Institute (Florence, USA): coaching program «Leadership, Coaching and Facilitation Business Development Training»  – with Max Schupbach, Ph.D. (1,5 year)
  • Certified Process-Oriented Therapist, Process Work Institute (Portland, USA)Certificate Program by Process Work – with Reinhard Hauser, Ph.D. (3 year)
  • Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator, Grof Transpersonal Training (USA) – with Stanislav Grof, Ph.D. (1 year)
  • Clinical Psychologist,  Moscow Psychoanalysis Institute (Moscow, Russia) – Clinical Psychology, specialization with Crisis States and PTSD. (5,5 year)
  • Clinical Psychologist, Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology  (Moscow, Russia) – Clinical Psychology, specialization with Transpersonal Psychology, (1,5 year)
  • Psychologist, International Institute of Integrative Psychology (Moscow. Russia) – Integrative Work, (1 год)


I was born and raised in Russia. I was known as psychologist in Moscow and taught psychotherapy at the Institute of Clinical Psychology. At 2014 I got married in the US. Now, I currently have my own life coaching business in San Francisco, CA, USA, and online.

  • Psychology Expert at Cosmopolitan Psychology Magazine (Russia)
  • Psychology Consultant TV Show «Happiness in home» for TV Channel «Mother and Child» (Russia)
  • Columnist at weekly psychological advisory «Secrets of Happiness» in West-East newspaper (USA)

• More 16 years psychological practice
• Including more 10 years psychotherapy with adults
• Plus more 3 years work with emigrants as life and leadership coach
• About 300 popular psychological articles in Internet
• More 50 publications at offline media
• Participate about 30 TV Shows
• 4 science articles at peer-rewed journals
• More 13 thousands views of my video YouTube
• More 3 thousands participants of webinars and work shops
• About  1 thousand individual clients

Spiritual Path

Menri Monastery is a Bon Monastery in Tibet. It was established in 1405 in Tibet by Nyammé Shérap Gyeltsen. In 1967, Menri Monastery was relocated to Tibetan Foundation in Dolanji Village in Himachal Pradesh State, India, by XXXIII Tridzin Lungtok Tenpai Nyima. The Tridzin (abbot) of Menri is recognized as the spiritual leader of Bon.

I  have been at retreats (shene and phova practicing) in this monastery for four years from 2012 till 2016.

I passed a 10-day retreat for Vipassana in 2017 at North California Vipassana Center, Dhamma Manda in Kelseyville, CA.