Autor: Olga Podolska
Starts at: 11 am, November 15, 2020

Do you need changes in your life?
Did you tire to live LIKE THAT?
Have you experienced crisis?

It would seems that these questions require many years of reflection. But in our workshop you can see the answers to it right away! If, of course, you take the workshop seriously enough.
The practice dying since ancient times has served to transform life: to cheat death. Let the old Ego die, so a new one will grow.  That allows you to live in a new way. Happier. You can understand what is really important to you, and what you can refuse. Prioritize your life. This is what dying practices are for.

Of course, you will not actually die!
But something will changed in you.

November 15, 2020.
I am waiting for you in practice

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…to cheat death.
Do you think practice dying has nothing to do with happiness? You bet!
Sure it starts with a lack of happiness. There are many sad things in our life: separations, losses, crises, viruses… Theoretically, we should just move on after the bitter incident. That’s it!
But it’s never that easy. Can you imagine, for example, parting with a loved one? We have all been there. And it’s easier said than done: move on, ha! When you feel this huge hole the size of the Andromeda nebula in your chest, and the entire world around you is just gray boring concrete…
Even if you KNOW it isn’t true, you can FEEL just like that.
It does not help to live.
Unfortunately, we all know cases where people never get out of this.
The body finds a way to die, if it can’t live LIKE THAT.
Of course, we should learn to live in a new way, but …
our consciousness seeks to maintain stability:

I am who I am
and I live LIKE THAT.

High-minded psychologists call that the “Ego structure”: it is the Ego that makes us live the way we live, preserving our beliefs, values, and our limitations. Sometimes it even costs us our entire life. That allows a person to sacrifice himself for the sake of good – but that allows us literally to die from some, God forgive me, unhappy love, life crises, or just stupid depression. Yes, it makes me angry, because – damn it! – at a time when even an ordinary Tesla is already floating in deserted space, we humans are still fragile, like snowflakes…

Well, the alternative to this fragility is not the toughness.
Not “just clench your teeth and move on, pal!”
The alternative to this physical fragility is psychological flexibility.
Changing psychological attitudes.
Ego transformation.
It’s hard as hell.
Actually, it is death.

In the ancient days, when antidepressants did not exist as a class, and there were not very many psychologists, this purpose served practice dying.
To cheat death.
Allow Ego to die, and new Ego to grow up, which allows you to live not LIKE THAT, but somehow happier.
The practice dying just allowed you to do this – using funeral services, and laying in a grave, and a new name after rebirth… And all of that really worked.
Now it sounds extremely exotic, although elements of something similar are sometimes used in depth psychology. Surprisingly, all such practices are very much about life, and even – I’m not afraid of this word – about happiness. It’s just not about the kind of happiness that the old Ego imagined – but is that okay too? If our old Ego had never transformed, a pound of sweets would be the highest equivalent of happiness still, even for adult people, you understand.

The new, more adult happiness is opening up for freedom and for sadness from that freedom. About loneliness – but at the same time about warmth and the opportunity to get in touch with the world, and lie in God’s palm. Even if you know for sure that God does not exist, sometimes it is possible to climb into the palm of His hand, what a paradox. And in solitude there is a lot of love, and in freedom there is a lot of acceptance. Magic, actually.

Tranformational workshop happens at 11 am Sunday November 15 2020.
Price $150 till November 1, 2020

Workshop agenda:

  • Activation and relaxation exercises
  • Light smoothies lunch
  • 3 letters for different situations
  • Transformation of Death image
  • Letter analysis and anchoring
  • Tea life celebration

What you need to know:

  1. Immediately after payment you will receive a confirming letter. Please, answer it, so we know the email is right – on this email we will send the address of workshop the day before workshop.
  2. Bring with you yoga mats, socks with anti slipping dot grips and mask.
  3. Reboot workshop contains:
    – exercise for energy;
    – writing practices;
    – process work with images;
    – analysis and sharing (optional).
  4. Wear warm sport clothing to move easily. We will walk, sit and lie on the floor, so it will come in handy.
  5. Don’t eat heavy food before the workshop, you have to move. During lunch you will be offered a small snack.
  6. You will be given a workbook and pen for writing assignments, but it is good to have your own too.
  7. Photo and video recording isn’t allowed for participants, you can receive photographs taken by an accredited photographer.

Safety rules

1. Some mild disturbance before workshop is normal; panic attack is not. If you even didn’t do anything yet, and still get nervous breakdown just thinking about, – practice dying is not your way, stuck with an individual therapy.

2. You can refuse to continue any exercises, if you want, even after start, for reasons: not interesting, tired, bored, and leader is a dumb. It is clear that this is psychological resistance, but if you annoyed there is no need to torture yourself. But do not interrupt the exercise you have started because of tears!

3. Crying while doing these exercises is normal. Optional, but ok.
At the same time, keep in mind that tears cause a point of no return: if tears roll down during the exercise – COMPLETE the exercise to the very end. Do not jump off halfway, it will make you worse. The forces of the night have already woken up and cannot be pushed back, now – only forward!

4. Be sure to write down the results!
Workshop participants has no obligation to share your results in a group. But we highly recommend you writing down results at least in your own workbook.

Don't go to the reboot workshop if:

You have never thought about changing your life

You are afraid to look into your subconscious

You have depression with ideas of self-blame and suicide

You are emotionally unstable

In general, the idea of practice dying may excite you, but should not cause uncontrollable tears or panic. If you can’t hold back tears or your heartbeat starts even when reading the description, this is probably not the reboot workshop for you yet.

Transformational workshop autor

  • Member of Alternative Therapy Association (USA)
  • Full member of the Professional Psychotherapy League (Moscow, Russia)
  • Clinical Psychologist Intern at Access Multi Specialty Medical Clinic (USA)
  • Certified Leadership Coach, Deep Democracy Institute (Florence, USA): coaching program «Leadership, Coaching and Facilitation Business Development Training»  – with Max Schupbach, Ph.D. (1,5 year)
  • Certified Process-Oriented Therapist, Process Work Institute (Portland, USA)Certificate Program by Process Work – with Reinhard Hauser, Ph.D. (3 year)
  • Holotropic Breathwork Facilitator, Grof Transpersonal Training (USA) – with Stanislav Grof, Ph.D. (1 year)
  • Clinical Psychologist,  Moscow Psychoanalysis Institute (Moscow, Russia) – Clinical Psychology, specialization with Crisis States and PTSD. (5,5 year)
  • Clinical Psychologist, Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology  (Moscow, Russia) – Clinical Psychology, specialization with Transpersonal Psychology, (1,5 year)
  • Psychologist, International Institute of Integrative Psychology (Moscow. Russia) – Integrative Work, (1 year)

Hi, I’m Olga Podolska, psychologist, life coach and this workshop author.

I have been working in psychology for 16 years, taught psychotherapy in Moscow, and consulted on TV programs both in Russia and USA. Now I live in California and consult  Silicon Valley companies and residents. Since 2016, I have been running the “Practice dying” reboot workshop on the Internet. It includes ancient Western and Eastern elements, and Eastern practicse I studied at the Tibetan Menri Monastery some years. For short time of reboot workshop people can get surprisingly deep result, changing their relationship with themselves and life.

Many of the participants of the past reboot workshops significantly changed their relationship with themselves and better prioritize their lives. After completing the workshop people received a wave of energy, and everyone knew themselves much better.


Tatiana Tsybulko

For me this quest was a life-changing experience. Sometimes you need to face “death” to start to live an authentic life and see your true values. This training gave me courage needed so much to start the first steps in right direction. I am much happier now when I was a year ago and it’s only the beginning… Very important part of this journey is caring and professional guidance through sometimes vague or unclear messages from your true self in form of images or feelings. Olga Podolska helped me to understand what I want and what I need to do.

Tatiana Fedorova

Death Practices are A Must! I took part in this training last year, after a long challenging period and frightening near death experience. Before practices I experienced anxiety and high stress regarding my health issues.
Olga made us pass through deep self immersion and self-investigation relieving our true selves, authentic feelings and getting rid of fears and inner demons.
My energy was unblocked, and dark feelings washed out. So after the practices I could easily face life challenges and felt comfortable and self confident to such a point that even the entire Covid year could not affect my state of mind and inner peace.

Julia Titova

Last year I participated in the “Dying Practices”. I was not sure if this was what I needed, but I decided to try, and when I started with the tasks, I just could not stop. It is difficult for me to describe all the emotions and feelings, but the most important thing that remained vivid, even after a year, is the main result. Life priorities which were not so sensible were very clearly lined up. The things that seemed important in life faded into the background, and those things that were considered routine and not so high priority became of paramount importance. I received permission from myself for many things that I thought it possible to postpone, due to the presence of some more serious current tasks. Something that is in my life, which I took for granted, gained its deserved value and sparkled with new colors. Some things that should have been let go for a long time, but did not work, were left overboard. This is a very emotional psychological practice that allows you to enter a new stage of life, correctly assess your here and now, in order to better go to your tomorrow, so as not to regret what happened when it becomes yesterday.