Magically practical

Practically magical

About me

My experience:

  • More 18 years psychological practice
  • Including more 12 years psychotherapy with adults
  • Plus more 4 years work with emigrants as life and leadership coach
  • About 300 popular psychological articles in Internet
  • More 50 publications at offline media
  • Participate about 30 TV Shows
  • 4 science articles at peer-reviewed journals
  • More 13 thousands views of my video YouTube
  • More 3 thousands participants at my webinars and workshops
  • About 1 thousand individual clients


My education:

  • Certified Business and Leadership Coach, Deep Democracy Institute(Portland, USA)
  • Certified Process-Oriented Therapist, Process Work Institute (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • Clinical Psychologist, Moscow Psychoanalysis Institute(Moscow, Russia)
  • Clinical Psychologist, Institute of Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology (Moscow, Russia)

Success is impossible without awareness. Personal development with Olga Podolska Coaching allows you to realize the inner battle prevents you from achieving your goals.

Olga Podolska is a clinical psychologist in Russia, and still is a Full Member of the Russian Professional Psychotherapy League. She has more 18 years of consulting practice, include 4 year practice as life and business coach in USA. Olga Podolska is a member of Alternative Therapy Association (USA). She studied business coaching by best American experts consulted Silicon Valley Big Bosses.

Contact me

3600 California Street,
San Francisco, CA 94118
Phone: (925) 285-1802