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Once you have a direction, you need plenty of energy to achieve your goals. What kind of self-support can increase your energy? What practical exercises can you do to lift your energy? What inner obstacles erise on your way and how you can psychologically overcome them? How you can to copy the stress from Silicon Valley requisition, to overcome procrastination, to have more energy for every day? This event gives participants psychological basic for successful life. During this marry event participants get self-support techniques either moving and verbal.

Usual duration for group events is a full day, what means 8 academic hours (i.e. 6 hours of exercises and 2 hours for coffee breaks and lunch). If you consider other timing schedule, let’s discuss it in e-mail [email protected]

Time to get destiny is payable according regular hourly rate, unless it is less than 40 min from SF.

We will provide individual workbooks for all participants (let us know how much you need). Language of training is English.

Client provides other facility for training, as venue, CD player, coffee, sneaks, flip-chart or projector.

If you have some suggestions for training, you responsible person can discuss it with us. The better you describe your expectations and concerns – the better result you get. Your responsible person can schedule preliminary meeting with Olga Podolska with this purpose:

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Anyone understands: to live well, you need energy. You need to do everything, work well, have active rest. Energetically, with interest and pleasure! But sometimes something goes wrong. Especially now: the crisis, coronavirus, quarantine, all this lowers the mood and immerses a person on Groundhog Day. Sometimes you seem to have done nothing – but you get so tired that you can’t raise your hands straight … Or vice versa: you seem to plow, but you need even more, but where to find strength? We all have energetic days. But alas, alas, there are often more days than others when you have to drag yourself out of bed, and it’s also good if you do anything useful – otherwise you’ll sit down and stupidly on the Internet, lo and behold, and the day has passed. And there is nothing to remember. Nothing has been done.

What the game consists of

  • Energy management theory, how it works
  • Questions to ask how you handle energy
  • Ancient and modern magical energy techniques
  • The simplest, most practical and effective recipes for replenishing strength

How to play?

You will be surprised how effective it is to just THINK about yourself and your energy in the right way !!! But in order for the quest to be more useful, it would be good to carry out its tasks physically, practicing the exercises you like for at least a few seconds every day, and writing down the answers to the questions. Experience shows that writing down answers is useful in the long term: awareness is such a subtle thing … here it seems to understand everything, here oops! and forgot again.

You can hunt for your own energy in a closed group on Facebook, WhatsApp chat or independently completing tasks received by mail. Daily attention to yourself and new discoveries await you!

What did you get:

A set of really working recipes for an urgent increase in energy, and a clear idea of ​​their mechanisms for spending and replenishing it, and those blocks that interfere with the optimal flow of energy.

Webinar author

  • Life and Leadership Coach (USA),
  • Member of Althernative Therapy Assotiation  (USA)
  • Clinical psychologist  (Russia),
  • Full member of Professional Psychotherapeutic League (Russia).
  • Psychologist-expert of the magazine  Cosmopolitan Psychology  (Russia),
  • Psychological consultant & nbsp; TV programs “Happiness in the House”, Channel “Mother and Child” (Russia),
  • The author of the psychological column & nbsp; “Secrets of happiness” in the newspaper “West-East” & nbsp; (USA).

Hi, I’m Olga Podolska, psychologist, life coach and webinar author.

I have been working in psychology for 16 years, taught psychotherapy and consulted on TV programs in Moscow, now I live in California and advise healthy and successful residents of Silicon Valley. Since 2016, I have been running the “Energy Hunting” quest on the Internet, in which more than a thousand people have already taken part. For 21 days of psychological play in the quest, we get acquainted with ancient and modern bodily techniques for working with energy. You get over 30 short and funny tasks (think of what tree are you?), And explanations for them, as well as more than 10 videos with short and effective physical exercises.

Many of the members of the past groups have achieved their goals, some – even several! After completing the quest, people received a wave of energy, on the crest of which they successfully achieved their long-planned goals: they created businesses, bought apartments, wrote books, made repairs and defended their dissertations. And everyone knew themselves much better.