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This is mindfulness event for executive people to find the answers for complicated questions. The great majority of flow states was reported when people working, not when in leisure, by modern scientists data (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi etc). You need four essential conditions for achieve pick satisfaction from yours work, and no one of that is income – but income is bonded side effect from creating the optimal experience of your work. During this workshop participants get their own answers about happiness, and can connect to the Universe discovering their flow state direction. The main communication instrument is not the language, but the body. I mean not only non-verbal communication, but our fine feelings. There are impulses which we receive from Universe. How we can hear it, and how to understand what we are hearing? We can explore it during this mystery event, have pleasure when we do it, and touch the infinite wisdom of our body. You will receive and decipher the answer from the Universe and the Nature through your own actions.

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Webinar author

  • Life and Leadership Coach (USA),
  • Member of Althernative Therapy Assotiation  (USA)
  • Clinical psychologist  (Russia),
  • Full member of Professional Psychotherapeutic League (Russia).
  • Psychologist-expert of the magazine  Cosmopolitan Psychology  (Russia),
  • Psychological consultant TV programs “Happiness in the House”, Channel “Mother and Child” (Russia),
  • The author of the psychological column “Secrets of happiness” in the newspaper “West-East” (USA).


Masha Schultz

Olga is a fantastic therapist and I highly recommend her! Olga and I have worked together off and on for the last four years. Her warm, light, and kind manner puts me at ease and opens the door for me to connect with how I am truly feeling. Olga integrates mindfulness into her therapy practice as well as her own life, which is very apparent. She is insightful and grounded. She backs it all up with extensive experience and education. Above all, Olga is dedicated to helping her clients lead full happy lives and I believe she has found her gift in that regard. Do something great for yourself and take a workshop with Olga.

Katerina Huezo

My first experience working with Olga was during Festival of interpersonal therapy in Sochi, Russia. Since than we did personal and group therapy, which always was reaching to the depth of my soul and mind. One of the most memorable events was her dance therapy workshop at Burning Man 2017. I found it fascinating how though such a physical activity as dance you can work through worries and anxiety, the short meditation after was just a cherry on top to reflect on the inner process. I would definitely recommend privet coaching as well as all her workshops, even if it’s a group online game therapy it would be rewording, and she would do her best to keep it targeted on your personal goals.

Angela Komanovsky

My first encounter with Olga happened 5 years ago, we were camp mates at the Burning Man. Olga offered generous gift to Burning Man community: her workshop “Conversation with Universe”. It was incredible exercise; entire group were captivated by Olga’s smooth and playful guidance! We were leaded on the journey into our inner world, connecting with ourselves, bonding with participants of the workshop and uniting with entire universe. Olga is the master of her trade. She can help a lot of people to get in balance and get the most out of life. Not everyone knows who to be contentment and deal with different life situation, Olga is an excellent guide on the that journey.