Personal coach session help you to understand yourself, to improve your awareness, and to achieve your goals more successfully.

San Francisco:
My office  is located at the shrink-street near Presidio Park, where psychologists and consultants traditionally settled.
We don’t have our own parking lot, but if you are lucky, you got a free parking space in the neighboring streets on 2 hours.
You can wait on time in our cozy waiting room. Just send me text and I will invite you inside.

Castro Valley:
This my office is at my house with the bay view on top hill. You will meet two doggies, Mocha (as coffee) is bigger coffee color dachshund, and Chuck (as Chuck Norris) is smaller white pomeranian. Obviously Chick thinks he is a biggest one.
Parking is totally free. Dogs for sure will barking, but don’t be afraid they don’t bite.
You can wait on time in Cafe 4, 20600 John Drive, Castro Valley, it is a couple of steps from my house.

Personal consultation

3600 California Str., San Francisco, USA
cell +1(925) 285-1802


Single personal coach session

1 session, 50 minutes



Personal coach session, paying 4 sessions at a time

4 sessions, 200 minutes



Personal coach session, paying 10 sessions at a time

10 sessions, 500 minutes



You can find out open time in my work schedule below:

You can pay in cash, by check, via Pay Pal or by credit card here at the site.