Business trainings help make your company successful. Leadership no longer comes from a command and control model, but from creating relationship-based change throughout your entire organization and by engaging every single person that is part of your business.

Dialog with the Universe:

This is mindfulness event for executive people to find the answers for complicated questions. The great majority of flow states was reported when people working, not when in leisure, by modern scientists data (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi etc). You need four essential conditions for achieve pick satisfaction from yours work, and no one of that is income – but income is bonded side effect from creating the optimal experience of your work. During this workshop participants get their own answers about happiness, and can connect to the Universe discovering their flow state direction. The main communication instrument is not the language, but the body. I mean not only non-verbal communication, but our fine feelings. There are impulses which we receive from Universe. How we can hear it, and how to understand what we are hearing? We can explore it during this mystery event, have pleasure when we do it, and touch the infinite wisdom of our body. You will receive and decipher the answer from the Universe and the Nature through your own actions.

Energy hunting:

Once you have a direction, you need plenty of energy to achieve your goals. What kind of self-support can increase your energy? What practical exercises can you do  to lift your energy? What inner obstacles erise on your way and how you can psychologically overcome them? How you can to copy the stress from Silicon Valley requisition, to overcome procrastination, to have more energy for every day? This  event gives participants psychological basic for successful life.  During this marry event participants get self-support techniques either moving and verbal.

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3600 California Str., San Francisco, USA
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per hour


Up to 6 person group
coaching session/ whole day (8 hours) business training

1 academic hour
(45 min)



Each additional person

for each academic hour
(45 min)


on group size

Travel time after 40 min

Each starting hour
after included 40 min


on distance

Usual duration for group events is a full day, what means 8 academic hours (i.e. 6 hours of exercises and 2 hours for coffee breaks and lunch). If you consider other timing schedule, let’s discuss it in e-mail [email protected]

Time to get destiny is payable according regular hourly rate, unless it is less than 40 min from SF.

We will provide individual workbooks for all participants (let us know how much you need). Language of training is English.

Client provides other facility for training, as venue, CD player, coffee, sneaks, flip-chart or projector.

If you have some suggestions for training, you responsible person can discuss it with us. The better you describe your expectations and concerns – the better result you get. Your responsible person can schedule preliminary meeting with Olga Podolska with this purpose:

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