Anyone understands: to live well, you need energy. You need to do everything, work well, have active rest. Energetically, with interest and pleasure! But sometimes something goes wrong. Especially now: the crisis, coronavirus, quarantine, all this lowers the mood and immerses a person on Groundhog Day. Sometimes you seem to have done nothing – but you get so tired that you can’t raise your hands straight … Or vice versa: you seem to plow, but you need even more, but where to find strength? We all have energetic days. But alas, alas, there are often more days than others when you have to drag yourself out of bed, and it’s also good if you do anything useful – otherwise you’ll sit down and stupidly on the Internet, lo and behold, and the day has passed. And there is nothing to remember. Nothing has been done.

What the game consists of

  • Energy management theory, how it works
  • Questions to ask how you handle energy
  • Ancient and modern magical energy techniques
  • The simplest, most practical and effective recipes for replenishing strength

How to play?

You will be surprised how effective it is to just THINK about yourself and your energy in the right way !!! But in order for the quest to be more useful, it would be good to carry out its tasks physically, practicing the exercises you like for at least a few seconds every day, and writing down the answers to the questions. Experience shows that writing down answers is useful in the long term: awareness is such a subtle thing … here it seems to understand everything, here oops! and forgot again.

You can hunt for your own energy in a closed group on Facebook, WhatsApp chat or independently completing tasks received by mail. Daily attention to yourself and new discoveries await you!

What do you get:

A set of really working recipes for an urgent increase in energy, and a clear idea of ​​their mechanisms for spending and replenishing it, and those blocks that interfere with the optimal flow of energy.

Webinar author

  • Life and Leadership Coach (USA),
  • Member of Althernative Therapy Assotiation  (USA)
  • Clinical psychologist  (Russia),
  • Full member of Professional Psychotherapeutic League (Russia).
  • Psychologist-expert of the magazine  Cosmopolitan Psychology  (Russia),
  • Psychological consultant & nbsp; TV programs “Happiness in the House”, Channel “Mother and Child” (Russia),
  • The author of the psychological column & nbsp; “Secrets of happiness” in the newspaper “West-East” & nbsp; (USA).

Hi, I’m Olga Podolska, psychologist, life coach and webinar author.

I have been working in psychology for 16 years, taught psychotherapy and consulted on TV programs in Moscow, now I live in California and advise healthy and successful residents of Silicon Valley. Since 2016, I have been running the “Hunt for Energy” quest on the Internet, in which more than a thousand people have already taken part. For 21 days of psychological play in the quest, we get acquainted with ancient and modern bodily techniques for working with energy. You get over 30 short and funny tasks (think of what tree are you?), And explanations for them, as well as more than 10 videos with short and effective physical exercises.

Many of the members of the past groups have achieved their goals, some – even several! After completing the quest, people received a wave of energy, on the crest of which they successfully achieved their long-planned goals: they created businesses, bought apartments, wrote books, made repairs and defended their dissertations. And everyone knew themselves much better.

In Energy Hunting 2021, running from June 3rd to 24th, I’m going to unveil the inner workings of how to turn life’s challenges into a fun game.


Anastasiya Sharkova

I worked with Olga via private coaching and group workshops. Without exaggeration, our work changed the course of my life. Thanks to Olga’s advice, I rewired several limiting beliefs and adopted a healthier attitude to life’s obstacles. She counseled me through some hard times, including COVID and loss of a job, relationship, and to be frank, my whole identity. Olga was the one who encouraged me to seek therapy, which was pivotal to my healing. On top of her coaching and psychology expertise, Oga brings a subtle understanding of energy and, dare I say, magic(!) to her work. And she’s fun, which doesn’t hurt the process either =)

Tatiana Tsybulko

For me this quest was a life-changing experience. Sometimes you need to face “death” to start to live an authentic life and see your true values. This training gave me courage needed so much to start the first steps in right direction. I am much happier now when I was a year ago and it’s only the beginning… Very important part of this journey is caring and professional guidance through sometimes vague or unclear messages from your true self in form of images or feelings. Olga Podolska helped me to understand what I want and what I need to do.

Tatiana Fedorova

Death Practices are A Must! I took part in this training last year, after a long challenging period and frightening near death experience. Before practices I experienced anxiety and high stress regarding my health issues.
Olga made us pass through deep self immersion and self-investigation relieving our true selves, authentic feelings and getting rid of fears and inner demons.
My energy was unblocked, and dark feelings washed out. So after the practices I could easily face life challenges and felt comfortable and self confident to such a point that even the entire Covid year could not affect my state of mind and inner peace.

Julia Titova

Last year I participated in the “Dying Practices”. I was not sure if this was what I needed, but I decided to try, and when I started with the tasks, I just could not stop. It is difficult for me to describe all the emotions and feelings, but the most important thing that remained vivid, even after a year, is the main result. Life priorities which were not so sensible were very clearly lined up. The things that seemed important in life faded into the background, and those things that were considered routine and not so high priority became of paramount importance. I received permission from myself for many things that I thought it possible to postpone, due to the presence of some more serious current tasks. Something that is in my life, which I took for granted, gained its deserved value and sparkled with new colors. Some things that should have been let go for a long time, but did not work, were left overboard. This is a very emotional psychological practice that allows you to enter a new stage of life, correctly assess your here and now, in order to better go to your tomorrow, so as not to regret what happened when it becomes yesterday.

Masha Schultz

Olga is a fantastic therapist and I highly recommend her! Olga and I have worked together off and on for the last four years. Her warm, light, and kind manner puts me at ease and opens the door for me to connect with how I am truly feeling. Olga integrates mindfulness into her therapy practice as well as her own life, which is very apparent. She is insightful and grounded. She backs it all up with extensive experience and education. Above all, Olga is dedicated to helping her clients lead full happy lives and I believe she has found her gift in that regard. Do something great for yourself and take a workshop with Olga.

Katerina Huezo

My first experience working with Olga was during Festival of interpersonal therapy in Sochi, Russia. Since than we did personal and group therapy, which always was reaching to the depth of my soul and mind. One of the most memorable events was her dance therapy workshop at Burning Man 2017. I found it fascinating how though such a physical activity as dance you can work through worries and anxiety, the short meditation after was just a cherry on top to reflect on the inner process. I would definitely recommend privet coaching as well as all her workshops, even if it’s a group online game therapy it would be rewording, and she would do her best to keep it targeted on your personal goals.

Angela Komanovsky

Olga is the master of her trade. She can help a lot of people to get in balance and get the most out of life. She is an excellent guide on the that journey. My first encounter with Olga happened 5 years ago, we were camp mates at the Burning Man. Olga offered generous gift to Burning Man community: her workshop “Conversation with Universe”. It was incredible exercise; entire group were captivated by Olga’s smooth and playful guidance! We were leaded on the journey into our inner world, connecting with ourselves, bonding with participants of the workshop and uniting with entire universe.

Olga Fish

Thank you so much for this fantastic experience! I’ve met fascinating people and learned some interesting things about myself. Thank…